Charm of Youth

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Favourite of our customers!

According to the designers’ experience these earrings bring the charm of youth to those who wear them.

This piece of jewellery belongs to a collection of earrings that the 4th grade pupils designed when they had their first design project. Every pupil took part in the process of designing the product. Isn’t it a great piece of jewelry!

  • Made according to your choice from MDF, wood fiber board or acrylic plastic, cut with our school’s own laser cutter.
  • Includes silicone back pieces for the earrings.
  • Does not contain nickel.

Size 49 mm.

The product is mailed in a translucent bag, attached to a stylish backing paper board.

The Hintta Design online shop is run by our pupils. The sales revenue is used to benefit our pupils, for example, to finance school trips, so that every pupil has a possibility to take part in them. For further information about our online shop, please visit our blog.