Business cooperation

Online store open with the help of business cooperation

The online store project would not have been successful without the help of outsiders. We got a few companies to help us. They have wanted to be at the forefront of supporting a completely new kind of learning process. We are extremely grateful for the support we have received from them.

Woolman | Euroopan suurin Shopify Plus -kumppani – Woolman Oy

Woolman Oy, which has built online shops for several successful companies, has been an invaluable help in building an online shopping platform. They gave us a Shopify Start package worth several thousand euros, which has been essential when building an online store. The starter package is a very agile concept and building an online store using the package has been easy and clear.

aconofficial - YouTube

Acon Oy, a very experienced online retailer from Oulu, sells a wide variety of activity-activating leisure equipment. They promised us to be our online store godfathers. There are many bigger and smaller pitfalls when starting an online store. With Acon, we've been able to jump over them right from the start.

Digitarvikkeen etusivu |

Another local online store,, is Finland's leading seller of camera accessories. They supported us in purchasing equipment related to product photography.

Tilitoimisto Oulu - Palveleva tilitoimisto Tililalakärppä Oy - kirjanpito

The reputable accounting firm TiliAlakärppä is located next door to the school. They make sure that our accounting follows all the rules of the art.

Cooperation with these companies has been very smooth and we hope it will continue in the future. If your company wants to cooperate with our online store, please contact our director Matti Ahola (

Salen ja Arinan logot

Our products are available on 24.5. from on sale also in Hinta Sale. The stand can be found next to the cash registers. By the way, Sale is currently the only physical retail outlet for our products. We are really grateful and excited about the cooperation. Welcome to shopping!