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Hintta Design is the brand name of Hintta school. Behind it, you can find the products designed by the students of Hintta school. Because the products created in the design education processes have been so fine and stylish, and the demand for them has surprised us, we decided to establish our own online store. In this process, the parent association of Hintta school has been of primary importance. The online store operates under the parents' association, and the parents of the students who are members of the association have been invaluable. It's amazing that our school has such a great group of active parents! The online store itself is run by our entrepreneurship elective group. The products are made from start to finish at our school, from the visioning to the mailing of the product.

Any profits will go to Hinta's school's excursion fund, without being repaid. The proceeds will enable a community excursion for all the school's students in the future.


Information about us

The values of our school are: offer the children a safe, inspiring and experimental learning environment. These values have been strengthening throughout many years, and been affecting our ways of thinking about new ways of learning. These ideas have been the basis of our concept of a design school.

In fact, we have declared ourselves as the first design school in Finland. The annual curriculum of our school includes a significant amount of design education, and our pupils of all ages carry out projects in design education during every school year. The design education starts already at the 1st grade, when the children are seven years old. We follow the concept of STEAM, which comes from words: science, technology, art and matematics. The basic aim is to offer every pupil a uniform and equal learning path, during which the pupil’s problem solving skills will be strengthened. In addition, pupils are encouraged to creative thinking and doing by hand. By doing large projects together they get social skills and are used to long-term processes.

As these projects usually result in many creative outputs, we have decided to make some of them available as products in our online shop. This online shop is run by our pupils in the 5th and 6th grade. These pupils take part in an optional course where they learn entrepreneurial skills. On the course, the pupils are able to familiarize themselves with the entire marketing process, from product design to sales and marketing, which is a very rewarding experience for them.

More information about design education and STEAM concept, in Koklaamo and schools web page.