Gentle Wave (Aalto) Energy

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Our pupils explored various forms of energy production and began to think about where and how to get energy. They came together in groups to design and build miniature models. The result was some amazing energy artworks for our future outdoor classroom, called Aalto-laavu, and its surroundings. The miniature models were then developed into various designs. The pupils thought about the colours of energy and came up with blue, turquoise and glittering gold. Then the fourth-grade pupils painted birch plywood with a stunning alcohol-ink technique together with a local artist, @art.annu.k. Hand-drawn designs were then scanned onto a computer and converted into instructions for a laser cutter. The laser cutter cut the earrings out of the plywood. The last tasks for the pupils were to assemble the jewelry from the plywood pieces, take photos for our online shop and social media. Every earring and necklace are unique and only available in limited edition.

“This piece of jewelry produces soft wave energy.

Gentle waves consist of water. We wouldn’t exist without water.”

Size: 60 mm

Sent in translucend bag, pinned to stylish board.

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