Harakka the Magpie

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Harakka in the forest,

sensitive by nature.

Lives in the branch of spruce,

flies off sometimes.

Looking down, 

oh! how big the world seems,

sense of direction knows how to use

This piece of jewelry was designed by 3rd graders. The work was a part of a multidisciplinary learning process. The final result was a huge immersive installation. It consisted of handicraft products, art and posters. At the backgroud of the installation there was a video of a forest and a soundscape put together by the pupils.

  • Made from hand painted MDF, with our school’s own laser cutter. Every jewelry is unique thanks to the painting.
  • Includes silicone back pieces for the earrings.
  • Does not contain nickel.

Size 42 mm.

The Hintta Design online shop is run by our pupils. The sales revenue is used to benefit our pupils, for example, to finance school trips, so that every pupil has a possibility to take part in them.For further information about our online shop, please visit our blog.